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ISCA Podcast | Paul Galland

ISCA Podcast with Paul Galland 

In this ISCA podcast we are discussing the importance and challenges of collecting and maintaining good sustainability data for projects and assets. Sustainability data can be a challenge for infrastructure projects and assets to both collect and maintain, yet it is vital in monitoring sustainability performance and demonstrating the impacts the project is having in the social, environmental or economic space.  Good data is also essential in achieving an IS Rating, but is often not collected early enough, or consistently enough, to help evidence the claims being made for IS credits. 

Very few projects have a Chief Data Officer who can assist or support the collection of a diverse and complex set of sustainability data.  Good data collection needs to be embedded into the fabric of a project or asset so it come as a natural extension of the overall sustainability function – yet often it is treated as an afterthought or a bolt on, such that it becomes extra work for the sustainability team and for the wider project as a whole. Good data collection needs a lot of initial planning as well, so that collection protocols and systems are seamless to follow and use, and only collect the critical data that is needed. Most of all good data needs to clearly demonstrate and quantify change, impact or performance that shows that the efforts being made are paying off.

So where do you start, who do you engage, how do you plan and where do you need to build capacity to ensure that the sustainability data you collect is reliable, relevant, complete and accessible? To talk more about how this we are delighted to have join us Paul Galland, Founding Director with Flipside Enterprise Services Pty Ltd.  Flipside Enterprise Services.