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Slavery is more widespread today than at any time in human history

Slavery is more widespread today than at any time in human history

Whilst the prevalence of modern slavery in Australia may seem low, there is a growing need for our property, construction and infrastructure organisations to be aware of the potential for modern slavery in their extended supply chains, understand the need for greater transparency, and work towards eradicating such human rights abuses.

As the Australian Parliament moves towards introducing a Modern Slavery Act in 2018, the Supply Chain Sustainability School has worked with leaders representing civil society, business, investors, academia and faith-based organisations to support a unified approach in addressing modern slavery. 
The School are committed to providing a range of resources and events on topics such as human rights and modern slavery in order to raise awareness, encourage action and build competencies, collaboration and competitiveness in Australia's property, construction and infrastructure supply chains. 
This new report, which can be seen online here, has been written for the School by EY Australia and outlines how you can: 

  • Understand the term 'Modern Slavery'
  • Examine case studies in our supply chains
  • Identify the four key areas of risk to your business
  • Appreciate the 'When, Who and How?' of the Act
  • Recognise the four anticipated reporting criteria
  • Start asking the three critical questions you'll need to raise 
  • Know where to go for more information. 

The report joins the growing range of free resources on this topic available on the School's website here.