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SiteHive is Transforming The Management of Environmental Compliance

SiteHive is transforming the management of environmental compliance
SiteHive founders Ben Cooper-Woolley and Adam Ferguson came from different backgrounds: one with a deep understanding of the built environment; the other an expert in how technology can solve real-world problems. This combination allowed them to recognise the issues the construction industry faces today - and use technology to do something about them.


Image: SiteHive provides real-time environmental management 

In an increasingly urbanised world, managing development is difficult for everyone. Work must happen as communities continue to live and thrive, and sustainability is important for all stakeholders.

“SiteHive’s mission is to enable sustainable urbanism, so we’re fully committed to helping organisations develop infrastructure in a sustainable way,” explains Ben Cooper-Woolley.

“In major construction projects, environmental compliance is mandatory and highly complex - yet the tools for measuring and managing environmental impact are often labour intensive, expensive and reactive. People are stuck with last-century solutions for today’s problems.”

“At SiteHive, we recognised that we could use modern technology to change this: by providing tools that are designed for managing environmental impact in today’s world.”

The SiteHive solution includes a digital, multi-sensor monitoring device (the SiteHive Hexanode) that delivers environmental data in real time, and cloud-based software for managing environmental information. All data (including from SiteHive and other monitoring devices) is accessible from a single dashboard, presented in easy-to-understand graph and image formats, that deliver real-time insight into what’s happening on site.

SiteHive-Image-2.pngImage: SiteHive shows all information in one easy dashboard

Major time and cost savings

From setting up on site, all the way through to event management and monthly reporting, the SIteHive products were designed to make things easier and more effective on every level. Many of the processes for managing environmental compliance have been totally transformed into easy, modern workflows.

“We really looked at the work processes to see how we could make them faster, better, more intuitive,” explains co-founder Adam Ferguson. “SiteHive automates processes that were previously reactive and manual, so it delivers massive time and cost savings.”

“Our research with clients shows that SiteHive reduces the cost of managing environmental impact by 50% or more. That’s a big win for projects that are always under cost pressures.”

“Environmental Managers recognised quickly that this was something new. By providing real-time environmental data directly to them, available anywhere through cloud software, they have easy access to information as well as the tools to manage it in a better way. ”

Kelie Pittaway is an experienced Environmental Manager who joined the team after seeing what a difference SiteHive made.
“Enviros like me see SiteHive and we just commiserate on all the days and hours of time we’ve wasted chasing down data, driving around back blocks, dragging things through the mud!” laughs Kelie. 
“It provides savings across every aspect of the job. For example, I used to spend a week a month on compliance reporting: collating data from different devices, putting it in the right format, creating dashboards, making it understandable. With SiteHive it now takes 10 minutes - it’s a huge difference.”
Real-time information delivered to where people are

A key part of the technology innovation is the monitoring device: the SiteHive Hexanode. It’s a multi-sensor device that delivers live, continuous information on both noise and dust. It also provides rich contextual information including directional sound maps, images, audio recordings and weather.

The SiteHive Hexanode includes innovative features that make it easy to see exactly what’s happening onsite. Directional noise monitors identify the sources of noise; cameras capture images of the causes of events; and microphones record corresponding sounds.

Displayed live within SiteHive software as easy-to-understand graphs, pictures and sound maps, these features allow issues to be identified and managed immediately.

ImageImage capture identifies the cause of events

Proactive management, not retroactive reporting
SiteHive brings information to where people are. The software can be accessed from anywhere, and on any type of device. And because it’s an open ecosystem, SiteHive can also be used with other monitoring devices. So information from noise, dust, vibration and more can all be managed in one easy dashboard.

With the information literally at their fingertips, SiteHive gives people the confidence to make informed decisions based on live data from site. Events can be investigated and addressed quickly, allowing environmental management to move from reactive measurement to proactive management.

“Because they can access data in real time, and all the time, project teams can make decisions in the moment and address issues as they happen,” explains Ben. “You can see at a glance exactly what’s happening across the whole site, and take action if it’s needed. Instead of a reactive monthly reporting process, environmental management becomes a proactive part of the daily routine.”

Image: Sounds maps identify the direction of noise

Modern technology enables lower costs
“The other big difference that people see with SiteHive is the cost,” says Adam. “By using modern technologies we’ve been able to keep the price a lot lower than traditional solutions. For example, the SiteHive Hexanode monitors noise and dust - so already you can cut two devices down to one.”

“Also, SiteHive is based on a subscription model, so there are no upfront or device costs. You can get SiteHive on site from just $650 per month for each device.”

Although still a young company, SiteHive already has an impressive client list. The products are being used on Federal infrastructure, State-significant and private development projects in industries including aviation, rail, road and commercial property. This includes high profile projects such as the Sydney Football Stadium, Western Sydney Airport, Level Crossing Removals across Melbourne, and Metronet in Western Australia.

Adam says, “The response from contractors, environmental managers, consultants and stakeholders has been amazing. SiteHive is already being used by all the Tier 1 firms, as well as many more of all sizes.”

“We’ve been delighted by the take-up and the quality of our clients - people have recognised that SiteHive is offering a new way of doing things that delivers real benefits to them.”
Learn more about SiteHive here.