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Metro Trains Melbourne Network Operations

This project by Metro Trains Melbourne has achieved an 'Excellent' V1.2 IS Operations Rating .


Melbourne is growing faster than Mexico City, Paris, London, New York, Berlin and Vancouver. It’s a booming city, with a population projected to reach 8 million by 2050. Metro Trains Melbourne recognises that the performance of the railway is critical to the prosperity of the city. Every day, more than 6,000 employees strive to run the railway spanning 15 lines, 222 stations and more than 998km of track,226 six carriage trains with continuous improvement in safety, punctuality, reliability and customer service. The company delivers approximately 17,000 services every week, with a train departing every 30 seconds during peak times. Each day approximately 450,000 customers use the  train services each day with over 243 million passenger journeys per annum. It also maintains all assets across the network including tracks, signals, electrical overhead, rolling stock, buildings and structures.

Metro Trains Melbourne's (MTM) initial assessment forms the baseline for continuous improvement of MTM’s operational environment and sustainability management over the franchise period.


  • Rating Type Rail
  • Rating Score 52
  • Registered Date December 2017
  • Jurisdiction Australia
  • States VIC
  • Assessor Audra Liubinas
  • Other Stakeholders Department of Transport

Rating Highlights

The company has become the world’s first railway and world’s first infrastructure operator to achieve the ISCA Operations Sustainability Rating (v1.2). The operational rating achieved by Metro Trains Melbourne demonstrates how infrastructure operators can generate organisational change and build sustainability across complex large scale network environments.

Metro Trains Melbourne has made significant advances in its management systems, ecology strategy, wellbeing and safety, accessibility, corporate social responsibility and procurement practices. The company has also written clear sustainability objectives into its new rail franchise contract with Public Transport Victoria to 2024.