Frequently Asked Questions

IS Ratings

Why should I register for a rating?

The IS rating scheme is a performance and outcomes based framework. It measures whole of life sustainability impacts and can assist in driving improved outcomes through the design, construction and operation of infrastructure assets. The framework is a national standard and is applied consistently by a number of government agencies across Australia and New Zealand.

How do I register for a rating?

To register for a rating you need to complete the Registration of Interest form.

How do I find more information on the IS rating scheme?

Download the IS rating Factsheet <here> and the IS Scorecard <here>. This includes further detail on the rating tool and all included categories and credits. You can also do an introduction to IS Training Course <link>

You can also contact for any general enquiries.


Who should do training?

ISCA Training courses are suitable for anybody involved in infrastructure, and any level of the project delivery team. By attending IS Training you will grasp the basics of infrastructure sustainability, and will know how to apply the IS Rating Scheme to a project or asset.

Which training course is suitable for me if I need to apply the IS rating scheme?

The IS Training for Professionals is our most thorough and complete training course. Following successful completion of this course you will be accredited as an IS Accredited Professional. Other options are the 2-hr Introduction to Infrastructure Sustainability webinar or the Version 2.0 unwrapped masterclass webinars (category deep dives).

I’m an ISAP – do I have to do more training or webinars?

NO! there is not compulsory re-training requirements to stay an ISAP. The requirements are simple; complete the annual ISAP exam (available from 15 November) and pay the annual ISAP accreditation fee of $195. We will provide you with access to the IS Technical Manual, online videos, knowledge sharing forums and networking events to make sure you keep up to speed throughout the year.

I’ve let my ISAP status lapse – can I reinstate my accreditation?

Yes, as long as your accreditation hasn’t lapsed for more than 12 months. If it has lapsed for 12 months or more than you are required to complete the two-day IS Training for Professionals course to reinstate your ISAP status.

Can ISCA run training just for employees of my organisation?

Absolutely! We call this in house training and can run just about any of our sessions in house. Please send your enquiry to and someone will get back to you.

Who should do the add-on Operations webinar training?

This training course should be undertaken by those involved in the operation of infrastructure. The operations training can only be done if you have registered/completed the IS Training for Professionals. Please note that this is optional not mandatory.

How do I access my certificate?

The ISAP certificate is located in the ISAP resources section of the Tools & Resources tab.

Which training sessions can occur in-house?

IS for Project Management

IS in Planning

IS Training for Professionals (6+ people required)

IS for Executives


What is ISv2.0?

ISv2.0 is the latest version of the Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating scheme launched on 1 July 2018.

Does my project need to use ISv2.0?

To work out whether your project should use ISv2.0, please consult this flowchart.

How can I get involved in the continuous improvement of the rating scheme?

Please contact to find out how you can get involved.