Frontier Economics


Frontier Economics helps clients consider new and innovative solutions and make better decisions based on sound economics. This approach is critical to meeting the challenges and opportunities posed in infrastructure planning and urban transformation more generally.

Balancing political, social and financial pressures is essential in developing good policy, as is ensuring the regulatory environment enables good market dynamics.

Frontier Economics specialise in evaluation of infrastructure investment and funding, policy and market reform, utility pricing and regulation, transaction advisory services as well as competition and trade practice analysis.

Clients seek their advice because they value their collaborative working style and ability to solve complex problems.

The team includes economists with specialisms in transport, water, energy, telecommunications and urban economics. They have particular expertise in meeting the requirements of the economic theme, with the main author of the economics theme for IS v2.0 now working for Frontier Economics.

For more information, visit the Frontier Economics website.

"Frontier Economics is delighted to become a member of ISCA. We really value and appreciate the work that ISCA does in pushing the infrastructure sector to go beyond business as usual across a broad range of elements of infrastructure development and delivery. We’re excited that ISCA is now looking to influence the planning phase of projects as there is great potential to alter the status quo to shape better projects, moving away from a linear decision making process towards a more iterative approach with multiple investment decisions over time". - Ben Mason, Economist