Googong Water Treatment Plant Chemical Facility Upgrade

This project by ACTEW Water achieved a 'Commended' Design v1 IS Rating.


A new secure chemical unloading, bulk storage, handling and dosing facility shall be constructed to replace the existing systems which will be fully decommissioned and removed. The new facility will reduce workplace safety risks and hazards, comply with dosing requirements for public water, improve treatment processes and capacity, provide sufficient system redundancy and increase operational efficiency.

Materials lifecycle impact reduction (Ecopoints)    275 
Materials lifecycle impact reduction (tCO2e)    346

"As part of ACTEW’s commitment to sustainability, we are pursuing an IS rating on the Googong Water Treatment Plant Chemical Facility Upgrade, as it provides a framework that will help identify key sustainability opportunities, adds value to the project and allows us to demonstrate our commitment." 

Andrew Hayes, Manager Projects Delivery, ACTEW Water


  • Rating Type Water
  • Rating Score 32.3
  • Registered Date September 2013
  • Practical Completion April 2015
  • State NSW
  • Suburb Googong
  • Capital Value $6 Million
  • Other Key Stakeholders Tenix (Downer)

Rating Breakdown

Management Systems

Man-1, Man-3, Man-7 all level 2

Clear commitments to mitigating negative environmental, social and economic impacts are present and embedded within KPI based targets which are also included in contractual arrangements.

Good knowledge sharing information and practices have been presented including the use of a knowledge sharing plan and three main delivery methods; written (reports, fact sheets, newsletters), spoken (conferences, lectures, workshops) and the internet (intranet, website).

Procurement and Purchasing

Pro-1 Level 2

Pro-2 Level 1

Pro-1 Strong commitment to consider sustainability within procurement.

Pro-2 Strong evidence showing environmental considerations are explored and assessed throughout procurement. Evidence included: questionnaires (incl prequal), evaluations, tender documents, contracts).


Climate Change Adaptation

Cli-1 Level 2

A number of climate change projects were considered, the risk assessment considered indirect risks, and a multi-disciplinary team participated in identifying climate change risk issues.

Also, adaptation options to treat all extreme and high priority climate change risks were implemented.

Energy and Carbon

Ene-1, Ene-2, Ene-3 all Level 1

They demonstrated some good first steps in addressing the requirements for each of the energy and carbon credits. By meeting level 1 across all credits it is shown that energy use has been monitored and reported on, opportunities to reduce energy have been identified, evaluated and implemented, and the use of renewable energy has been also been fully investigated.



Mat-1 Level 3

Full score achieved for this category

The project achieved a significant reduction in materials lifecycle environmental impact through steel and concrete use through optimised design which reduced steel and concrete use.

The project achieved the following reductions:

  • 275 tCO2e
  • 346 ecopoints
  • 16 tonnes of steel

Halved the use of crushed rock


Lan-1 Level 3

The physical footprint of this building is entirely within the existing waste water treatment plant facility, therefore, the project is being executed on land which is 100% previously disturbed.