Join the ISupply program

ISupply connects sustainable products and services with projects undertaking an IS rating.

For Projects

The ISupply directory will give you access to the most sustainable suppliers that can help your project or asset achieve sustainability outcomes rewarded under the IS rating scheme. The directory links products and services to IS credits helping you identify suppliers that can meet your requirements.

For Suppliers

Becoming an ISupplier will showcase your product and service to small and large infrastructure projects and assets undertaking the IS rating. IS rated projects represent approximately 20% of the engineering construction sector and ~75% of large and mega infrastructure projects in Australia. It is mandated by almost all State Government transport agencies and a number of Local Governments and other infrastructure delivery agencies. That means your product/service will be in front of some of the largest infrastructure projects in Australia and New Zealand. To date, ISCA has rated over $120 billion worth of infrastructure since 2012.

In order to become an ISupplier, you first need to be registered as an ISCA member and then complete an ISupply Training webinar.



Product Partnership Program

As part of the ISupply program, material suppliers can have their branded products included in the ISv2.0 Materials Calculator. To do this, your products will need to have an EN15804 compliant EPD. Fees to include your branded product in the ISv2.0 Materials Calculator are provided in the ISupplier Guide.

ISupplier Guide

The ISupplier Guide provides further details on the ISupply program including how to create a directory entry, fees and examples.

ISupply Directory user guide

Download the user guide for ISuppliers wanting to upload ISupply directory entries on the ISupply webpage.