Ipswich Motorway Upgrade (Rocklea to Darra) Stage 1, Package 1

This project by Bielby Holdings Pty Ltd has registered for a Design v1.2 IS Rating.




Rocklea to Darra - Stage 1 is the 3km upgrade of the Ipswich Motorway between Granard Road, Rocklea and Oxley Road, Oxley.


  • Reliability – improved traffic flow and reduced congestion creating more reliable, consistent travel times.
  • Safety – upgraded road safety on the motorway with improved sight distances, safer access to and from the motorway.
  • Connectivity – enhanced local connectivity for all road users, pedestrians and cyclists with new service road connectors reducing the need for local trips on the motorway.
  • Flood immunity – improving the motorway’s flood immunity by constructing higher bridges over Oxley Creek.



To find out more about this project, visit the Queensland Government website.