Parkes Integrated Water Infrastructure Renewal Project

This project by Parkes Shire Council has registered for an As Built v1.2 IS Rating.



Parkes Shire Council (PSC) is undertaking a once-in-a-lifetime renewal of its urban water supply and sewerage schemes through the construction of a suite of integrated water infrastructure projects, collectively known as the Integrated Water Infrastructure Renewal Project (IWIRP).

The full program of works comprises a number of interrelated packages including a new Water Treatment Plant (WTP), new Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) and Sewage Pump Station and Rising Main (SPS&RM), and a Recycled Water Scheme (RWS), as well as several ancillary infrastructure projects.

The IWIRP has adopted a holistic strategy to improve water and wastewater treatment and reduce the total demand on water sources, whilst simultaneously increasing the availability and security of raw water sources and reducing the energy and GHG footprints of water servicing in Parkes.

PSC is seeking IS accreditation of the key components of the IWIRP, namely the WTP, STP, SPS&RM, and the Advanced Water Recycling Facility (AWRF) that will supply the RWS.

Parkes Shire Council strives to be a progressive and innovative organisation, embracing new ideas and adopting a philosophy of continuous improvement. PSC's focus on long-term environmental sustainability has been forefront of planning, design and delivery, ensuring our new infrastructure is fit-for-purpose, best-practice, efficient, and environmentally beneficial. The pursuit of the ISCA rating is intended to:

1. Provide formal third party recognition of PSC’s approach to sustainable development
2. Provide a stretch target for the project team to work towards
3. Challenge the contractor to prioritise sustainability outcomes

The key sustainability objectives for the IWIRP are to:

  • Raise community levels of service for water supply and sewage treatment
  • Improve community health and wellbeing
  • Improve local water quality
  • Reduce water servicing energy and GHG footprints
  • Bolster water security by instituting a new, climate-resilient (recycled) water source and thereby reducing potable water demand
  • Maintaining and improving community services and amenity by ensuring green parks and sports fields through drought
  • Generate value for the Parkes community through a tailored project procurement strategy which maximises local content & skills development.
  • Complete the construction works with zero impact on the environment


  • Rating Type Water
  • Registered Date May 2016
  • Practical Completion June 2018
  • State NSW
  • Suburb Parkes
  • Capital Value $94 Million
  • Annual Operating Value $3m
  • Other Key Stakeholders John Holland, NSW Department of Industries Water, Australian Government, Hunter H20, NSW Public Works