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The 2019 ISAP Exam

ISAP Certification expires 30th June. In order to renew your status as an ISAP, you must complete the 2019 Exam by 30th May, and then pay your renewal fee.

This annual exam is different to the one you would have undertaken upon completion of your ISAP training course and is a requirement for ALL ISAPs.

A score of 75% is required to demonstrate you have the technical competency to maintain your ISAP status. There is no time limit so take your time and find the information you need if you don't know the answer.

If you do not pass the exam the first time, you will have a second opportunity to complete the exam. After that, further training will be required. 

On 1st of June, if you have successfully passed the exam, you will be sent an invoice for $195+GST

To undertake the exam, click here.